Marriage is a union and the first step of a showing a unified front is “coordination”. When it comes to traditional marriages it is very important that the bride and groom show they have accepted to become one with the way they coordinate their outfits on their traditional wedding day. The importance was brought to my attention recently when my aunt was prepping for her traditional wedding.

Many time’s the bride makes the necessary decision, what the color scheme is, the wedding theme etc But along the line the groom has to be involved because you need to think of the best color and fabric that would look good on the man you are about to spend your life with. It would be disastrous not to coordinate outfit or ask for the grooms opinion before you head out to the fabric store/market to get what you need.

For many African cultures it is easier because they have a specific clothing they have to wear, for example the Ghanaians have their Kente or Akosombo which is a fabulous Ankara print with multiple colors, line’s and patterns. This fabric is straight forward, and the men usually wrap it around their bodies so its an easy choice to make.

But unlike the Ghanaians we have way too many cultures in nigeria, so sometimes its almost nightmarish for the bride, you have to find out the acceptable attire and style etc This is another thing that some nigerian brides (especially the inter-tribal brides) have to deal with.

For that bride or bride and groom that need inspiration for their traditional wedding attire, here are some looks that would inspire you;