The reception dress is a thing, whether you would like to admit it or not. Almost every bride at her wedding whether public or private, fairy tale or not has been seen in another piece which is certainly not her wedding dress. Some people think the idea is frivolous and extravagant, some have gone as far as calling it an utter waste but I beg to differ, I think its uplifting and a fabulous idea, remember your wedding day is one day, your renewal vow doesn’t quite have as much impact, so why not splurge (reasonably of cause) when you can and in areas that matter like the reception attire.

The reception dress (or dresses for some) should be comfortable, elegant and could be anything, so as much as you take a lot of pain in finding the right wedding dress its just as important to find the right reception dress (dresses). Depending on your person, your reception dress is determinant on how you feel, your wedding theme and how comfortable your wedding dress is on a scale of 1-10.

There are a few pointers you should take note off when you are trying out for a reception dress;

Make sure you choose a flattering silhouette, if its custom made you should emphasize this fact.
Look for something that resonates your personality and something you are very comfortable wearing.
There’s the option of total transformation, so if your dress was full and long your reception dress can be short, calve or knee length or you can go for a Hi-Lo dress or just do pants/jumpsuit.
Its important to search for inspirations and that’s why we’ve brought these samples to inspire you and give you the best option;