The Yoruba traditional bridal outfit is one of the most popular looks in this time. Unlike several years ago when mixed cultural weddings or borrowed cultural pieces was a taboo, this days we have seen many brides from other parts of the country mix up their traditional wear with cultural pieces from the western part of the country.

The aso oke fabric and head gears are an attribute of the Yoruba tradition, when a bride wants to get married she wraps her head in the fashion of the moment, then she adorns her aso-oke outfit that was gotten at a special price and gets ready to meet her groom. Today we see other tribes with head gears whether they use the aso oke fabric or not and this is a trend that was borrowed from the Yoruba culture.

As a Yoruba bride it has been known from time in memorial that your look for that day has to be the best yet, right from the on-set weddings have been a serious business for the Yoruba’s because it is a day for the family to show off and so it is very important that the bride and her family pull off all the stops on the traditional wedding day.

For modern Yoruba brides, there are so many style options to choose from, scroll down to see our top six selection for the week;