Nothing impresses me more than a woman who has self love, like they say “Your biggest enemy is yourself so be your own best friend”. If you follow our woman crush Taje Prest aka @missvivacioust on Instagram you can tell she’s a woman who clearly loves herself. Self love is not an enigma as you can clearly see it in the life of Taje Prest.

Here’s a brief introduction on who our woman crush is; Many of you might known Taje Prest as someone that you see at quite a lot of big society and celebrity weddings, well that’s because she turned her love for attending society function into a job, she is the host of the wedding guest on DZRPT TV, she also writes on stylevitea and some other blog sites. Aside from her show, this media personality is not only a Tv and Radio girl but she’s also a budding entrepreneur.

Did you know she’s also a partner at  DZRPT TV? I bet you didn’t know that and that’s why I like the statement “There’s more about a person than you see outside”, evidently there is more to Taje Prest than you see on Instagram or other blogs. Because of her curves, this energetic woman should be a poster girl for plus size fashion because she knows how to dress her body, she’s is not afraid to flaunt her figure.

Taje wants you to keep fit but also wants you to be true to yourself and here are the pictures to prove that;