Tosin And Tunde Wedding Photo Shoots

Tosin and Tunde wedding photo shoots

Attending weddings especially the traditional wedding. The traditional wedding showcases the culture of the couple with their different traditional attires, how they pay brideprice, langauges used during the occasion and sort of.

In the yoruba culture, the hubby rocks a big agbada with up and down inner while the bride wears buba (blouse) with iro (wrapper). Another thing that makes me loves yoruba weddings is the part where the hubby and his friends prostrate to beg the bride’s parent for her hand in marriage…its usually interesting. The groom is usually being questioned on funny issues like hope you will take good care of our daughter or hope she won’t suffer in your house. All is questions mostly comes from someone called ‘Alaga Iduro’.

Today’s couple, Tosin and Tunde had their beautiful traditional wedding recently and we admire the shoots.

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