If there’s one style that never goes out of trend because it can take you from zero to a hundred, its the metal culture. The metal culture incorporates all forms and angles of fashion from clothes to shoes to accessories to hairstyle etc The metal culture can be worn in any form but today we are focusing on clothing. While many people are bold enough to wear the metallic outfit at night, a lot of women out there find it really difficult to pull it off during the day.

There is an assumption that the metallic pieces are meant for night time only but that’s the wrong concept, if you love metallic and you would love to pull it off during the day here are some tips you can follow;

1. Metallic outfit come in different forms and fabric, some are leather, some are tafetta etc to pull off such fabrics during the day go for a matte finish. The reason why you should go for a matte finish is because its one of the safest and most subtle form of wearing metallic outfits during the day.

2. Many times metallic outfit could be tricky and very loud but wearing them with neutrals would tone them down. When you pair it with neutrals you are playing safe, some colors that blend well are gold and copper metallic mixed with cream, grey’s and silver metallic’s mixed with black etc.

3. Its always best when you keep your metallic simple during the day, if you are wearing a really pronounced metallic outfit like a pant or skirt, you have to keep the top toned down.

4. When metallic outfits are matched its better to rock that look at night, but for the day its better to go for one piece of metallic at a time or else there would be no meaning to your look.

5. For every outfit its important to find the right fit, color wise and style wise. This is no different when you are purchasing a metallic outfit. Its very important to pay attention to the style and cut as well as the color and the fit.

6. Every outfit becomes attractive when the wearer is super confident, never be afraid, people would only love and be drawn to your outfit is you have confidence and sass..